Books By Jo Cattell

Books By Jo Cattell

Saturday, January 14, 2012

What it is to be a crazy writer...

         Muse has been somewhat quiet the past few days with the exception that she has decided to play the movie of my story in my mind just when I want to go to sleep.  Something that drives me crazy, but it comes with the territory of being a writer.  In starting to actually take this path, I have meet so many new and wonderful people who are writer and authors too and can now truly say, No, I’m not crazy for hearing voices in my head or fighting with my MC because they won’t listen.  It all comes with the job and description of being a writer.  A good friend and I talked about that just today.  We were introduced threw a mutual friend for being writers, unique mom’s and a little out there, so to speak.  (Kidding but we both have a lot of the same ideas)  We have chatted threw Facebook and read each other’s work, giving each other pointers and laughed and cried with our charters. So today was the first time we actually talked on the phone.  For 3 and a half hours, lol!  And it was so nice to talk to someone who was as crazy as I am.
     She and I both talked about our charters and how the plots may play out.  It was the first time I could talk about it without getting yelled at about how I could do that. The only one who can truly understand a writer is another writer.  Most people when we sit and talk about our stories or say we are going to kill off so and so look at us like we need to be committed for thinking such thought.  I actually had my daughter and mother fight with me about Summer Rain when I was writing because I had wanted to kill off Nick and then have Chloe turn to his older brother Kevin for comfort.  I thought that it would make the story more interesting.  If they could have had me arrested for thinking such a thing I think they would have.  We are the ones who paint this world, and I painted it so well for my test readers when I think to suggest such things they battle me about it.  I have made these people real to them and they don’t deserve what I want to do.  This was something we also talked about.  How cruel we are to our charters.  I have to admit, I was really cruel to Chloe.  I put a lot on a young 16yr-17 yr old girl. But threw her I was releasing my emotions of my grief for my niece.  If we have anger problem it plays out on the page. But then our scenes can affect us too.  I went into a very dark place in one of mine and 6 pages later because I had to get out of it, I delete it. 
     Jade the other day asked me if she could be a singer when she grew up. I told her she could be anything thing she wanted.  Her older sister wants to be a DR and she has the whole world ahead of her. I wish I was that age again so I could go back and really focus on being the writer I want to be.  Focus on the tools I need and really take in so I can put that threw in my work and not be afraid because someone told me it was a waste to write the way I did.  That I was a little crazy to think some of the stories I came up with.  Now I know I am in such good company.  Oh and Jade after thinking about it, excitedly said she wanted to be a gas pump person.  There is a story in there, just have to find it….

Peace, Love, & Hope~JC

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