Books By Jo Cattell

Books By Jo Cattell

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Title for my new book

So I have been working on my sequel to "Summer Rain" and have been stumped with a title for the new book.  Since there are going to be 4 books to the series, I am going with a seasonal kind of theme.  So right now I am working on Autumn Wind.  Hoping to post a little teaser in a few days.  I am thinking about going the self publishing route for Summer Rain.  In looking into it more I think that for the first book that this will be the way to go.  And it would be out by hopefully May.  I found a self publisher and the price isn't too bad.  And it would get it out there, and it would be in paperback and I would get to see it that way.  It would be in ebook too, but I really want to see the printed book.  I want to sign a few copies.  I know it may sounds silly, but hey it is my dream, lol.  So look for more news to come.

Future Title in the Allen Family series:
1. Winter Storm
2. Summer Rain
3. Autumn Wind
4. Spring Beauty

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