Books By Jo Cattell

Books By Jo Cattell

Friday, January 6, 2012

Sneak Peak From Autumn Wind

Here is a little sneak peek from my new WIP Autumn Wind, let me know what you think.

     He was in the room again.  Standing in the back, not able to move any further.  Blank faces passed him and mumbled their condolences.  There were so many people that he couldn’t see the coffin.  Mark and Nick both approached him in their dark suits. 
     “You have to face this, Kevin.  It was your fault and you have to face what you didn’t do.” He could feel Mark’s anger as it raged at him.
     “I tried, but there was nothing I could do.  I did everything I could to try and save him.” But the words he spoke were muffled. 
     “Did you, did you really Kevin?  If you had he would still be here.  Now he’s gone.  How could you let him die?” Nick’s words cut threw him.
     “Nick, you said he was already gone.  You said it wasn’t my fault.” He begged him to say it again. 
     “It was you fault Kevin, you have the blood on your hands to prove it.” Mark spat at him. 
     Kevin looked down at his hands and they were covered in his father’s blood.  “No, I tried.  Don’t make mom see his blood.  Stop pulling me up here.” He fought with his brothers but they were too strong for him. 
     Approaching the casket, he saw three women.  They were draped in black. First it was Claire that turned to him, and shook her head.  Her mouth had been sown shut with black thread.  Her eyes accusing him in some way of his father’s death.  Next was his mother.  Her pale face covered with a black veil, hiding the loathing she felt for him.  Nick and Mark let go of him.  He fell to the floor and begged her to forgive him.  She walked away, his bloody hand prints covering her dress.  He looked as they all turned on him. 
     “It’s time Kevin, you have to say goodbye. You can’t leave her like this.” It was Chloe’s soft voice. 
     He was confused by what she had just said.  He stood up and approached the casket.  It was veiled in pink toile. This wasn’t right.  It was supposed to be his father.
     “It’s your fault, you know.  She died of a broken heart.  You ran away and left her.  Her heart died and then her tears turned red.  You said you loved her.  You promised you would never leave like he did.  Now Dave has her again.” Chloe said pulling back the draping revealing Gabbie’s lifeless body still wearing the engagement ring he had told her to keep.
     Gabbie’s blood red eyes opened and her crimson lips asked “Why?”
     He sat up trying hard to catch his breath.  The cold sweat took over his body and he felt like his heart was going to escape his chest leaving the void it felt on a daily bases. It was a dream, it was only a dream, he kept trying to tell himself.  Kyra’s warm lips kissed his shoulder and her hands soothed his aching head.
     “Shh, darling, it was just a dream.  Let it go.” She soothed him.  She had been through this before with him a few times.  They were always worse when he took the X.  Getting out of bed, she went to the mini bar.  She found a small travel bottle of Scotch and poured it into a glass.  “Drink this darlin, it will help.”
     Kevin drank it down in one gulp. He handed her the glass back and put his head in his hands.  It was always the same dream.  She always looked at him and asked why. Kyra sat next to him and ran her hand down his face.  “You want to tell me about it?”
     “Kevin, you can’t keep running from these demons.  Someday you have to face them.  Sugar, I know you keep things locked in the head of yours, but it has to come out or you’re gonna go insane.  If you don’t wanna tell me then tell that little brother of yours.  You seem to be tight with him.” She suggested.
     “We weren’t always this close and he has his own things to deal with.” He thought about Nick and wondered how he was doing right now.  He had practically raped Chloe in the elevator and she was begged him not to stop when they reached the floor. He had seen a side of them that he could never imagine, but knew it had to be the effect of the drugs on them.  Any other time Nick talked of her lovingly.  Tonight they were raw and uninhibited.  He didn’t like what he had seen, but his mind had been playing tricks on him most of the night.  Maybe that was what he saw. 
    Falling back onto the bed, he pulled Kyra with him. “At times I can’t feel anything.  How can I talk to Nick about it when I can’t seem to understand why things keep haunting me?”
   Kyra got back between the sheets and covered his body like a warm security blanket.  She rested her ear on his heart a listened as it calmed.  His hands stroked her back moving her hair off her shoulders.  She loved this man, but would never tell him because she knew he had these dark demons that haunted him.  He came from money; she had struggled for it and done things she wasn’t proud of. If she hadn’t she would not be here with him now.  They had played this game for almost a year now.  Hungry lovers searching for something they both couldn’t have.  For him it was to find peace after his father’s death and for her, it was for Kevin to finally let her into his heart.  She kissed his chest and looked up at him.
     He rubbed his curled fingers against her silky cheek.  “Why is it you stay when you know I can’t give you what you want?”
     “You need me and my sexy ways to pull you out of this.” She teased him, not really able to tell him what she really wanted to say.  “You have a big day, you should go back to sleep.”
     He halfhearted laughed at that.  “I’ve done shoots on less sleep then this.  You need sleep though; I don’t need you to have puffy eyes.”
     Laying her had back down she closed her eyes.  “Should I move or can I stay right where I’m at?” She was still really tired.  Sex with him did that to her all the time.
     “Come up closer and lay in my arms.” He said softly knowing he would go back to sleep as long as she was close.  Kyra snuggled into his arms and his kissed her forehead. “Thank you for being here my ebony goddess.”
     She smiled to herself.  “Just keep me around and I will always talk you back.  Now sleep camera man.”

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