Books By Jo Cattell

Books By Jo Cattell

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday "Summer Rain"

 “We need to go to your house after school.” He whispered in to her ear with urgency as he held her to him.

“Why do we need to go to my house?” She asked him kind of having an idea.
“We get to dress down today and ware what we want and you wear that.” He pointed out looking at her in the demon shorts and sheer smock top that rested off her shoulders.
“No, what you really need my love is to learn self-control.” She laughed and handed him her books.
 “I need to learn self-control; it has been like 3 weeks since we have had a chance to do anything because of finals.  I think I controlled myself pretty good in that time.” He joked with her and put his arm around her waist. 

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  1. I like it! It's flirty edging into sexy. I hope you post more six sentences! Nice job.