Books By Jo Cattell

Books By Jo Cattell

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday "Autumn Winds"


     “Have I told you how beautiful you look lately?  How watching our baby grow inside of you these past few weeks have made me in awe of you and the little thing that I take for granted with you.” He leaned up and started tracing his finger along her neck;
     She laughed at that. “I have gained 5 lbs., because I can’t stop eating, nothing fits me anymore but on the plus side the morning sickness is gone.  If that makes you still want to tell me I’m beautiful, then I won’t stop you.”
     “You know, I’m having this craving now and it’s not for ice cream.” He teased her slowly moving the strap off her shoulder so he could run his lips along her silky skin.

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