Books By Jo Cattell

Books By Jo Cattell

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Message

     Tis the season....I was going to post from one of my stories but instead I thought I would post my Christmas Wish for you.  Next week's post will be a look back at this past year, shocking I know, no one does that.  But this week is about the Holidays and family.  In the past two weeks we have all heard of the tragic shooting in CT and also this week the dreaded Mayan apocalyptic.
     I will be the first to say that I did send out text to close friends just in case Friday was it.  But I also didn't live my last day in fear either.  Instead, I was at my little ones Christmas show.  Like most of us at 9:30 we had our moment of silence. I felt almost guilty in away because while 27 families (yes I said 27, his mother was a victim too) were laying their children to rest and I was watching mine sing Christmas songs.
     A lot of us get caught up in the Christmas rush, trying to find that perfect gift, or wrapping that said gift.  We forget what this season is really about.  I did something this year, that I hope to continue in years to come.  I had a chance to give back, and to me, knowing that another family could have Christmas was one of the most wonderful feelings around.  It is something I want to instill in my children.  When I first met my husband we use to do things just like this.  But as the years have gone on, he seemed to forget about all we use to do.  People have developed a "Me attitude"   The phrase "No one helped me so why should I help someone else." seems to be something I hear a lot.  The truth, so what.  Don't help someone because someone helped or didn't help you, do it because you can and leave happy because you made a difference in someone's life.  Because that person you helped may do that for someone else when they are in a better place.
     I am blessed this year to be in a better place then I was a few years ago.  I am blessed to have my family with me and the support they have given me.  I am also blessed to have awesome friends.  My wish for you, take a minute and be thankful for what you have, if you can help someone who needs it and don't expect anything in return, and enjoy your holiday with the ones you love.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas~JC

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