Books By Jo Cattell

Books By Jo Cattell

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cover Revel "When Angels Fall"

How to put into words the feelings I have right now.  I am supposed to be going on vacation tomorrow, and my wonderful editor sent me the most amazing going away gift!

This is every authors dream, to see the very first cover for the novel they have worked so hard to achieve.  This truly brought tears to my eyes and I still can not believe it is really happening.  "When Angels Fall" should be out in time for Christmas.

This story came to me in a dream and was a way for me to deal with the grief I had when I lost my sweet baby niece Chloe.  It was a way for her to live on.  I never imagined I would go so far as to publish it, but I was told by friends that it was a great story and should be.  I'm now taking that step, and seeing this cover and my name and my vision coming through is just unbelievable.  Now comes the real test, will it sell???  I'm just lost for words on how beautiful my very first cover is.

Peace, Love, Hope~JC

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