Books By Jo Cattell

Books By Jo Cattell

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday "If There Never Is A Tomorrow"

     I was frozen in fear and could hardly get the words out he asked for.  I sobbed and tried to do what he wanted, hoping that it would be over quick.  The door suddenly opened and Jim pushed me back onto the floor.

     Nate stood there looking from Jim to me.  I scrambled to fix my shirt and then sat back on the floor, my knees to my chest, trying to control myself.  I heard Jim zip up his jeans and laugh.  “Hey Bro, what’s up?”

     Nate was quiet at first still looking between the two of us.  “Nothing, Stacy asked me to get her a sweater.  Did I interrupt something?”

     “We were just messing around.  No harm done.  Annabel is being a little shy.” He played it off.

     Nate looked back at me and I looked away quickly, drying a tear that ran down my face.  “Anne, are you okay?” He was so gentle about it.  So nice and I felt so dirty.

     Jim spoke up for me, I guess hoping he would leave so we could finish.  “She is fine.  Annabel, tell him.”

     I thought about it for a minute and then looking at Nate, hoping he would understand and get the hint I was going to answer him with.  “I’m feeling a little sick.  I think I had some bad pineapple earlier.” I could barely get it out, but prayed he got it.

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