Books By Jo Cattell

Books By Jo Cattell

Thursday, February 23, 2012

My New Adoption Process

In October of 2005 my husband daughter and I started an incredible journey. Our paperwork reached China on August 14, 2006.  Three years later on September 11, 2008 we flew to China and after 2 ½ weeks we brought home our baby girl.  At the time we started our adoption we were told it would or could take about 12 to 18 months.  If you do the math, it didn’t take what they said and if all reality if we would have waited and not chosen our daughter from a Special Needs list (Minor special need that put her on this list mind you) we would have just gotten our referral for our non-special needs baby.  Actually China reached out date in January. So as you can see it took a lot longer than 12- 18 months.

Soo why did I bring this info up.  It is simple really.  I decided to take the easy way out so to speak and get my name out there when I decided to choose a company to publish my book.  I called this post live and learn.  It is about what questions I failed to ask and the reality of what is now happening.  Before I go further, in no way am I going to blast or rant in this post, merely just give someone else who decides to go this way questions you should keep in mind.  I will do this all along this process so if you’re going to take notes on my blind leap start in a few minutes.

I got an email from my publisher this week which gave me the prospective release date.  Imagine my surprise when it is slated for June 2013.  I cried.  Called and got the answer I didn’t want to hear.  75% of the book had to be paid off before they will release it.  Mind you I did ask but if the book would still be published while I was paying my monthly payments and was told yes.  *****Note time***** I should have asked how much of the book needed to be paid before it was released.  It’s done now, I can’t change it unless I suddenly win the lottery (as she put it, ha ha) and can pay it off sooner.  My publisher was trying to cheer me up at the time and was trying to help me get through the process faster. If I was a bitter person I would have freaked, but I was just devastated at the time so oh well.

I have chalked this up to “You Live and Learn”

Okay so why did I mention my adoption process, I feel like I have started it again.  I spent a year doing the paper work, dotting the “I”s crossing the “T”s so to speak.  Making sure it was perfect and sent it in. (In the adoption world-making your dossier) (In the writing world-writing my MS).  In both worlds it is the hurry up and wait thing I have come to love soo much! (Can you see the sarcasm here?)  The only plus side to this part of my new “adoption process” is that along the way, I will get pictures of my “Baby” (proof pages) along the way.  With my daughter we got her picture in our referral and then I was lucky to get 5 new pictures of her 2 months before we left.

So June 2013 is 15 months away, and I will go through the same emotions I went through with my Mei Mei, in the end, I will be the proud owner of my first published novel who I have lovely named “Summer Rain”.  And I will hold it in my arms and cry and think “God, this was so worth the wait.”  But right now….Waiting…..SUCKS!

Peace, Love, Hope, & WAITING~JC
                                           What my first Adoption brought me then and now


  1. First, Mei Mei is beautiful. Another couple I know adopted a Russian boy with special needs and he, too, is adoreable. Does she speak Chinese and/or do you?

    Second. You paid to get published? I'm a little confused. Could you please clarify?

  2. Mei Mei only knows a little Chinese, which she picked up from the little I know. I am going to have her enroll in some classes so learn more as well as music because she is very musical. I am actully taking her to see a broadway show for her birhtday in May.

    As for paying, I went with a company aht is offering me alot but in return to have the book publshed I have to pay. Like I said, live and learn.My dream was to see it in print and after that I will keep with ebooks. :)

  3. Great post JoAnn!!!! Patience is a Virtue - Hee Hee!