Books By Jo Cattell

Books By Jo Cattell

Friday, July 12, 2013

Charity event for "In Another Life"

When I wrote "In Another Life" I took it from an experience in my life that left a lasting memory. It changed my views on life in so many ways. Nate, although not his real name, was a real person who because of an illness needed a kidney transplant. Unfortunately, the first one did not take.  Thankfully, years later, his next one did, and he has been able to live a full life. Sadly, there are so many people waiting for transplants, and many unfortunately, don't make it to see that happen.  The ones who do, always hold a fear that the transplant will reject. In some cases it does happen. 

In the past few months, I've been following a story of such a case. I always talk on here of my adoption of my youngest daughter, and this is how I came across Teresa's story. I'm going to post the link to her family's page, so you yourself can read about this incredible child. Teresa was a Princess in so many ways. Braver the Merida, Stronger then Mulan, even more beautiful then Cinderella and the rest of the princess she loved so much. She touched the lives of everyone who meet her and even those who have not. In her short live she gave so much joy. Now she has shimmering wings to match the crown she loved to where so much.

It is because of Teresa and even Nate, I have come up with the event I'm running for the month of July. All the roylaties I make from both the ebook and print copies of "In Another Life" will be donated to and also CHOP (The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) 

The donation will be given in memory of little Princess Teresa. So please help by getting your copy of "In Another Life" and sharing this blog post.  Here is the link for "In Another Life"

Peace, Love, Health, & Happiness~JC

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