Books By Jo Cattell

Books By Jo Cattell

Friday, April 26, 2013

In Another Life

     Yesterday marked a very big day for me, I released my 3rd book, "In Another Life".  This book means so much to me.  I wrote the book about a time in my life that was so confusing.  When your a teen, you experience so many things.  From peer pressure, family life, let alone the awkwardness of your own self worth.  You fall in love and think everyone your with is "The One" only to have your heart ripped out.
     But imagine yourself being sick.  Feeling like your a freak because of that.  Thinking the only reason people are around you is because they feel sorry for you.  The only thing you want is to feel normal and experience life the way everyone else dose.  
     So with this book, I looked back at a time in my life and thought of a way to get that message across.  I went back to a couple I knew who were just like this.  The guy, a real sweetheart, who felt like a freak because of his illness and the girl who saw him for who he was not who his illness made him.
     In this day and age, there are is all this talk about bullies and how kids who are different are picked on.  I hope that if in reading this book, someone opens their eyes and takes a chance, they will see the person inside not what the outer shell shows.  They really might be surprised at what they find.

Check out  In Another Life

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