Books By Jo Cattell

Books By Jo Cattell

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Post "After Angels Fall"

Chloe heard him coming up the steps and stood against his wall. When he came into the room, she startled him. “I thought I would sneak into your room this time.”
“What—what are you doing here?”
She ran over and kissed him as he had her the night before. “Don't say you're not happy to see me.”
He touched her face and smiled. “I'm—speechless. How, what…?”
She kissed him again and felt his arms around her. “You're soaking wet.” She laughed in between his kisses.
“I was in the pool. You're really here. What happened?” he asked again, confused but happy she was back.
“Shelly is pregnant, which put her in a better mood, and she backed down and let me out. I have my cell phone back and everything. I do have to go home tonight at a reasonable time, but the most important thing is we can be together again. I talked to your Dad and he said it was okay.” She smiled, just happy to be with him again.
Nick was confused. “My Dad? How long have you been here?”
“I went to talk to him at the church. We had a long talk and he brought me here.”
“Wow, what a nice dad I have. Come here,” he said, going to kiss her again.
She melted into his embrace and tried to stop herself from wanting more.
“Nicholas!” They heard his father yell.
“Yeah?” Nick laughed. He was going to be stricter now.
“I want to see you. Chloe, go get changed and have some fun. I think you need it,” Mr. Allen called up to them.

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