Books By Jo Cattell

Books By Jo Cattell

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday "If There Never Is A Tomorrow"

Jim grabbed her the minute she got to the door and pinned her against the wall, all the while trying to shove his tongue down her throat.  “Jimmy, stop.” She pushed him off embarrassed by this sudden show of affection.
     He seemed amused by that.  “Relax baby, no harm is showing you some love.”
     He took her hand and started down the steps.
     “Gee, thanks for the interdiction Jim.  Oh I forgot, I’m just your ride.” The guy that was with him said as they reached her apartment door. 
     “Oh, my bad brother.  Annabel, this is my buddy Nate.  Nate, this is my sexy girl, Annabel. Isn’t she sexy as hell?” Jim introduced them.
     Nate looked as uncomfortable as Anne did.  “Yeah, she’s cute.”  He agreed and followed them into the apartment.

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