Books By Jo Cattell

Books By Jo Cattell

Friday, June 22, 2012

For Team Kilah

It’s no secret that the last year and a half of my life has been an emotional roller coaster of sorts.  I have been fighting a losing battle to keep my niece from the same fate that her baby sister met.  I reflect on those last few weeks of Chloe’s life almost daily and in some ways still feel like I failed her.  Although the person who was responsible for her death has finally admitted neglect, they only did so that criminal charges would not be filed against them if an extensive investigation was started.  Chloe’s medical records were never looked at, if fact, while she was alive and I begged for them to be looked at, my pleas fell on deaf ears, and a few weeks later, she was gone.
So why am I posting about this?  I guess because I will always feel like I failed Chloe and I will forever do what I can to make that right.  I know in my heart I did everything I could, but still, all I have left of that sweet little girl is her picture and her favorite doll I keep in the bottom drawer of my nightstand that still smells like her and I can’t bare to hold because every time I do the tears start again and I can’t make them stop.  
Last night a very dear friend of mine posted something that opened all those flood gates again and I saw my chance to help a little girl named Kilah. I really know nothing about her except what I have read, I will never meet her because she live somewhere else, but in many ways reminds me so much of little Chloe.  I couldn’t help Chloe or now her older sister who will be returned to the person who caused Chloe’s death. But maybe this will be the start of something big.  There is a petition to make the laws harder on those who hurt or kill a child and make them register like pedophiles.  One that right now is starting in NC and hopefully will go national. I’m asking that anyone who reads this, go to the blog page for Kilah and read her story.  Then click on the link for and sign this petition. Do it for the ones like Chloe who lost their voice and the ones like Kilah who still have one. 

Peace, Love, & Hope~JC

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  1. That is just terrible. People who hurt children should be thrown under the jail. This brought tears to my eyes, and I can only imagine your suffering. Sending hugs and prayers your way and signing the petition.