Books By Jo Cattell

Books By Jo Cattell

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Release day for "Long Overdue"

‘Long Overdue’
by Madison Sevier
 River Jewel Resort Series Book 3
 Secret Cravings Publishing: 

After a decade of working at the campus library, a scandal involving a student leaves Olivia Milan unemployed and able to spend much more time with her best friend, Matt. She’s always been attracted to Matt Osgood, but believes he’ll never feel the same about her. When he heads out of town for the weekend, Olivia takes the opportunity to visit the River Jewel Resort in the hope of getting a new job. However, what she finds when she arrives proves life can be stranger than fiction.
Romance author Matt Osgood has been in love with the same woman for a very long time, but he thinks she’ll never return his feelings. Years of going to the River Jewel Resort have allowed him to live out his every fantasy. Still, he aches for a real emotional connection to the woman he truly loves.
Can the River Jewel Resort turn fantasy into a reality for these two best friends? Or will they run in opposite directions when confronted with the truth?


***** She’d be separated from the wonderful worlds she’d discovered between the pages of books by both new and old authors. They’d been her saving grace after losing her fiancé years ago. After she’d found out he’d been cheating, Olivia had immersed herself in the job and it had filled the hollow void that his sudden death and all that she’d discovered about him had created. Here, she’d found happy endings over and over again. In a cold world full of lies, the library spoke to her, welcomed her with its truth and warmth. With every bit of joy these creations had given her, she’d returned the favor by mending worn covers, caring for them, dusting their shelves, protecting them. Now, she had to let them go and it felt as though her heart were being ripped from her chest. *****

Romance author, Madison Sevier began her career at Secret Cravings Publishing in 2012. Her days are spent homeschooling her daughter and doing the bookkeeping for her husband's business. At night, she gets to become someone else, creating characters who work their way into the hearts and minds of romance readers everywhere.

Being a Gemini, Madison is known for doing whatever strikes her fancy at any given moment. Some of her favorite hobbies include; hiking, animal rescue, writing, reading, baking, horseback riding, coffee tasting and she's a huge NASCAR fan.

Living in what everyone calls 'Kentuckiana', she's found the perfect paradise to allow her stories to come to life. Against a backdrop of the Ohio River and surrounding hillsides, she never knows where a new romance will come from. But you can be sure you're going to hear about it.

She loves hearing from her readers and meeting new ones. Feel free to contact Madison at or through her blog:
Blog: Madison’s Place:

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