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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Coffee Chat with Author JamieLynn Boothe

Samantha Jenson is trapped in a world like so many others; a world full of fear and death. A world where the disease of addiction has an iron grasp on her life and controls her soul so powerfully even the strongest of men would cower down on his knees and beg for mercy. A world where she struggles to escape and tries to live at least somewhat of a normal life.
Here is the story of a young woman, deeply addicted to the drug called “Intimacy”. Her life has been a disaster because of her addictions through the years but this particular drug is her master. Samantha has lost everything but most importantly her desire to live.
Can Samantha escape the talons her demons have on her? Can Samantha regain control of her life and tear down the walls of despair? Will she regain hope, her desire to live and her family? Travel with her on her journey and see what happens in her world. You just might be able to relate.

Hello and welcome to another Coffee Chat. Today we are going to take things to a different level. In the past I have reviewed a verity of books. Today is no different but I have to say, the author that is my guest today has written a book that brings to light something that has touched anyone of us in one way or another. Today’s guest is author JamieLynn Boothe and he’s here to talk about his latest release “The Journey”. I had the opportunity to read this book and if you haven't yet, it is a must read. It is a very powerful book dealing with addiction. I was so moved by this book that I'm going to let my almost 16 year old daughter read it. Once you have read this interview, you will see why. So grab yourself a cup of coffee and sit back and relax as we talk about this truly touching book.

Me: Welcome Jamielynn and thank you so much for joining me today. I have to say I could really identify with this book in many ways. Let’s start with telling us a little more about the book.

Jamielynn: Samantha lives in Torrington, CT. and struggles with the disease of addiction to the drug called Intimacy. She lives in her pain of her past, her pain of her present, and hopelessness of her future. She struggles with not being able to see her young daughter, and her husband being killed in a tragic car accident and thinks dying is her best way out. Luckily for her someone steps in to help her. The rest of the story is about her struggle with trying to stay clean and what happens during that time.

Me: I really loved the story and the whole idea about bringing to light her struggle. How did you come up with this story?

JamieLynn: I wanted to tell a story about someone who has the disease of addiction because I know a lot of people who have. I am in recovery myself so I can relate to pain and fear caused from it. I can relate to the horrors of the shame, guilt, hopelessness and wanting to die from this disease.

Me: Did you have any character that you would say was your favorite?

JamieLynn: Samantha, the main character, because I could feel her pain. I can relate to her on certain levels

Me: I can see why, she was a very strong character and to see her develop and feel her struggles is really what drew me into the story deeper. Was there any scene that you enjoyed writing more then the others?

JamieLynn:  I love the hospital scene with her daughter and the second time she gets out of detox. I’m not saying more than that because I don’t want to give too much away.

Me: I can understand that. So what do you think will draw people to your book?

JamieLynn: Being able to read about someone struggle, and overcome his or her obstacles. Many will be able to relate to what Samantha goes through in this book.

Me:  This is a very real book, dealing with the very common situation of addiction. Was it a hard subject for you to write about?

JamieLynn: Not really, for me this particular story, because I can relate to it, seemed to flow rather smoothly.

Me: I found that I could really identify with Harmony, having gone through something similar with someone in my family. Did you feel you could relate to anyone of your character?

JamieLynn: Yes I can definitely identify with Sam, because when I was out there getting high and my addiction had it's grip on me, it led me into hopelessness, being homeless, unemployed, suicidal and when I got clean I have lived in numerous sober houses and had to start over.

Me: Well, it’s a really powerful story and I have to say one of my favorites by far. Tell what’s next for you?

JamieLynn: I am trying to decide whether to write the sequel to my first novel, Nightmares and Dreams, or to write the YA Paranormal I have been wanting to write.

Me: I’m excited to see what’s to come from you! Any last thoughts before we end for today?

JamieLynn: I hope whoever reads The Journey will very much enjoy it and check out my other future books. If someone doesn’t understand the disease of addiction, I hope they attempt to learn about it. I don’t think there is anyone who can’t relate on some level though. Someone in everyone’s life struggles with this disease. It may be them, or someone they love, but somewhere in their life, it is there.

Thanks again so much for joining me today. Below you can see where to find "The Journey" and  little more about our author. For now,
Peace, Love, & Hope~JC

About the Author
Jamielynn Boothe is a laid back southern boy who was born and raised in the small town of Moneta, Virginia, currently residing in Torrington, Ct. however. Working a full-time job as he writes he works on fulfilling his lifelong dream of being a successful author. JamieLynn enjoys the simple things in life such as good music, movies that make you laugh, cry, and afraid. He loves cats, eating good home-cooked southern food, art, travelling, nature, family and time with friends as well as time to himself. Writing is his passion, and JamieLynn loves creating books that touch another persons heart and soul. He has written two books so far. Nightmares and Dreams, a novel, and The Journey, a novella. He is currently working on the sequel to Nightmares and Dreams, and a new love story. JamieLynn is currently single but hopes to find that special woman one day.

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