Books By Jo Cattell

Books By Jo Cattell

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cover Reveal for "The Admission"

So happy and honored to do a cover reveal for my friend Jamallah Bergman.  Be sure to check this book out as soon as it's available.

                                                   All she ever wanted was her father’s love

     Cathy tries her best to impress her father despite his resentment over her, due to facts that she doesn’t even know as to why. He belittles her about every little thing that he doesn’t like about his only child. Cathy does love her father and tries to make him proud of her but nothing seems to work and her shyness has basically made her a prisoner of her own self. She feels that nothing in her now nonexistent life could be made any better…..that is until she meets him.

     Rodrigo “Rod” Coram lives the life that most men would want. Owner of a fabulous club The Orchid Lounge, he has many great clients, great friends along with the eyes of every woman around. But it wasn’t until his best friend Frank asked him to help out being a groomsman in his cousin’s wedding that he was able to find the woman he knew he was meant to be with.

     But with a vindictive father harboring a troubling secret from his only child and troublesome ex-girlfriend, who would rather see Rod miserable, will Cathy be able to find the love that she’s always wanted? Will Rod be able to show her that despite everything that they were meant to be together?

                                                        Will they find that happily ever after?

Author Bio

     Writer Jamallah Bergman was born in Jamaica Queens, New York. Although her family moved around a bit; from New York to Alabama to Georgia. Jamallah's childhood was mostly spent in Roswell, Georgia.
At the age of twelve, Jamallah started writing scripts for her doll babies. As she got older, her inclination to write grew.

     Soon after reading her first romance novel at fifteen; she became hooked on romance and deviated from writing her doll baby stories, to romantically inclined stories.

     Her thirst to write eventually sent her from one out of the box experience to another. She eventually engaged her thoughts and writing into writing erotic stories.

     As Jamallah's interest as a reader grew, questions aroused her curiosity. Why were the heroines in the stories she loved so much, nothing like herself. She felt none of the women were full figured, or plump. To coin a phrase from the well known comedienne Mo'Nique, like "Thick Madame", a thick and curvy woman.

    Often she became upset because she felt there should be stories out there about all types of women, including thick, beautiful women like herself. Why were there no stories about full figured women who got the handsome hunk? She would ask herself after reading another romance story where the beautiful main character was thin.

     After researching and finding very few stories about curvy women, Jamallah thought it was time the romance readers market read more stories about full figured heroines.
She started to write stories where the full figured woman 'ALWAYS' got her man!

So there you have it, be sure to check back to see when so I can let you all know when this awesome book is available!

Peace, Love, & Laughter ~JC

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