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Books By Jo Cattell

Saturday, August 18, 2012

In lieu of Six Sentence Sunday...

Im not going to post a Six Sentence Sunday this week.  In stead, I'm going to write about someone very dear to me who passed away.  Monday marks 4 years since I got that phone call.  The one that shatered my world and left such a huge hole in my heart.  Not a day goes by I dont try to call him, and not a minute goes by where I dont think about him.

What I am about to post, I had posted on MySpace the day he died.  This is my brother Robb, Gusto to his friends.  This is for him...

Robert "Gusto" Rice
October 15, 1973~August 20, 2008
I need to do this now before all the things I want to say fade away. Two weeks ago I was in a small town in IL called Ottawa. I was there to see you brother Gusto marry the girl of his dreams Adrienne. Eric, Amber and I were all in the wedding and we had brought my mom out for this big event. It was a tough week of planning not to mention we got the call about our Travel dates for China. Gusto and Adrienne came out here for their Honeymoon, (I know why NJ) This is where Rob grew up and where we all live.
Let me tell you about this brother of mine. He had such a personality. He was so funny and loved to help out any way he could. He did have his bad points, none that really matter to the people who love him best, but that was Rob. He was a loyal Cowboys fan. So much so he would call every game weither it was with the Eagles or not and start a fight with Amber about which team was better. He loved his Ambiepans. He would do what ever he could to make her laugh. Even if it ment diving on the grown to capture the deadly Fire Flys Steve Irwin style. While he was here he wanted us to take him to the boardwalk so he could take Amber on rides the way he had always wanted to.
He couldn't wait to see his new neice who he fondly called Jadiekinz. His biggest fear was that she would't get to know him like Amber knew him because he lived out in the midwest.
I think he knew.....
Rob, Gusto, passed away in his sleep last night. He left us wondering why, but thankful we were blessed with two wonderful weeks of memories to hold on to. He has left a hole in our hearts but we are all better for have known him. He was my brother, a pain in the ass at time, but ohh so loving, and I am going to miss him soo much.
Gusto, if you can see this in cyber space, I love you man, and Jadiekinz is going to know and love and miss you too. Watch over Ambiepan and her and try to help us threw the void you left.

4 years have past and it doesn't get any easier.  4 years since I had to break my mothers heart and tell her she lost her son.  4 years since I had to stand in front of a room and talk about my brother. 

I miss you, Gusto, Rest in Peace.



  1. love ur six sentence sunday! I'd love for you to check out mines and leave a comment. thnx.

  2. I'm sorry for your loss. He sounded a great brother.