Books By Jo Cattell

Books By Jo Cattell

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Chloe July 2010-Apr 2011

It 's been almost a year now, since I last heard her belly laughs and saw the smile that would light up a room. Chloe was my niece, a baby girl that I held only hours after she was born and gave me hope after losing my brother. Sadly she was our borrowed angel and only here for a short time but this little face touched so many hearts in so many ways.  I loved her like she was my own child.  Chloe's passing is still unexplained and today my heart is in a court room waiting to hear the result of the neglect charges that the person involved is facing.  In fact every year there are cases of child neglect and abuse that fall through the cracks and end in serious injury or death.  Today is to remember Chloe and children like her. So, why am I  asking my friends on Twitter to RT and put  #InMemoryofChloe  on your status? It's for those forgotten children. The ones who have no voice and the families or friends who tried to help but for some reason or another our pleas feel on deaf ears until it was too late.  I would love to see this trending for at least an hour so that these forgotten children and the ones that loved them know that somewhere out there people do care and will help others like them so that they didn't die in vain.  For me, Chloe will never be forgotten, she will forever be a part of me.

Thank  you

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